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Back Office Support & Virtual Departments

Partnering with Backup Office you can outsource one whole department or a few positions from different departments.

We manage the behind the scene processes to make sure that you successfully reach the integral functioning of your business, while lowering your costs, increasing efficiency & giving you a competitive advantage!

No Business is Too Big or Too Small for Backup Office!

Our goal is to make your business grow.  We have a wide range of options to offer and create ad-hoc solutions for our customers, as we know every business is a different world.

We understand that the demands of every business are continuously changing, and the need to constantly innovate is the only way to keep up with the competitors pace. We are here to help you make that happen!

We are committed to build the best outsourcing solution based on your company needs, whether you need one of our Virtual Assistants or choose to have a team. Partnering with us you’ll be saving money on salaries, benefits, office space, recruiting fees, etc. According to our current customer’s feedback, they are saving up to 79% when outsourcing their teams to Backup Office.  

Are you ready to start? Take the decision. Our own supervisors and project managers will ensure a successful transition!

Our experience has taught us that the best strategy is to work with the same passion and dedication that our clients have for their businesses. We have a fast-learning team with a wide variety of expertise and capabilities that are committed to help you and your business to go to the next level.

Admin Support

⇒Admin, Personal & Social                         ⇒CRM and CMS Support
    media Tasks     

⇒Database Creation &                                   ⇒Internet Research, 
    Management                                                      spreadsheets & 





⇒E-commerce Customer                            ⇒E-commerce Product
Service                                                                Entry
⇒eBay and Amazon Seller                        ⇒Inbound and Outbound
    Support                                                             Sales

                                          ⇒Lead Generation


Customer Support

⇒Live Chat Support                                   ⇒Email and Ticket handling

⇒Helpdesk and Technical                      ⇒Social media support

⇒Inbound and Outbound                      ⇒Back Office Services
   phone support

⇒Billing and Collections                     ⇒Data Entry Services




Creative Services

⇒Content Writers                                             ⇒Graphic Design

⇒Illustrators                                                      ⇒Web Design Services


Virtual Human Resource

⇒Outsourcing and Accounting

⇒Bookkeeping Services (Quickbooks data entry, bank
    reconciliation, accounts payable/receivable management)

⇒Virtual Assistant



If you require another service not listed above,

please fill out this form.

Our highly skilled staff has different backgrounds in business, marketing, communications, design, customer service, IT, law and others. We can adapt to your needs!

Chief Information Officer – Financial Advertising Company – New York
J. Bruns
"Our experience with their administrative work is really good, they offer options, professional employees and we already feel they are part of our company- Highly recommended."
Marketing Director – Manhattan
Rose MacKinnon
"They take their job pretty seriously and we love that in our team. We are impressed on how efficient our VA is, Backup Office is the first option to hire another VA for us now."
Business Owner – New Jersey
Mr. J. Addams
"I was hesitant to hire a VA, I didn’t have any experience with any company, but the moment I met my VA I knew she was what I was looking for my business. She is professional, polite and I am happy with the outcome of their work. Now I recommend my partners to get a VA from Backup Office all the time."
Senior Foreclosure Specialist, Mortgage Company - CA
Megan Salvatore
"All of the Backup Office VA's are great help. I started with 1 PA and now I have 4 VA’s for different projects, they work in a timely manner, they always communicate their tasks proactively so we know what is going on. Backup Office’s helped increase my business productivity and ROI. Highly recommended."
CFO – Consultant Company – City of Industry, CA
Chad L.
"I have used the services from Backup Office for several months now, they help me with my travel options, researching, performing market research for potential providers for my business and customer service support. They have definitely alleviated the load and stress I had from these activities. I will totally continue using their services and delegating tasks to have more time for myself."
Business owner, Logistic Company - New York, NY.
Matt B.
"I was too busy with all the tasks I needed to complete, and I wanted help to handle and delegate some of the time consuming tasks. My experience with Backup Office has been awesome so far. It’s been a year since I hired their services and couldn’t be happier. My VA handle my tasks with excellence."